Tuesday, December 16, 2008

කව්ද සැබෑම සුපිරි තරු?

මේ මට ආපු ඊමේල් පණිවිඩයක්. බලන්න හිතට වදිනවද කියලා.

Super Stars

How much did u send SMS for them????
5 SMS s ? = Rs10 x 5 =Rs50
10 SMS s? = Rs10 x 10 =Rs100
100 SMS s? = Rs10 x 100 =Rs1000 Or more???

AND Real Stars

How much did u donate for their fund?
At least a 1 Rupee ???
If you feel that you are still alive in this country because of these heroes…
The decision is yours…

මදක් සිතන්න හදවතින්.........